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Aqua Life H20

Aqua Life H20 offers a series of swimming programs designed especially for young and adult swimmers of all levels ages 8 and over who wish to join swimming as an activity to say fit or who want to improve their swimming technique and overall stamina.

Our adult courses start with a comprehensive Learn to Swim program for those with no previous swimming experience. We also offer a Swim for Fitness for those adult swimmers who want to swim to stay fit and develop stamina and a Master’s program for the more serious adult swimmer who wishes to continue swimming within a more rigorous program.

Aqualife Youth

Aqua Life Youth programs are for swimmers ages 8 to 20 who wish to join a swimming program to say fit or to improve their technique and endurance. The programs are divided by ages as follows:

Seniors: Ages 13 to 20 (1 hr sessions twice per week)
Juniors: Ages 10 to 13 (1 hr sessions twice per week)
Youth: Ages 8 to 10 (45 minute sessions twice per week)

Adult Learn To Swim

Aimed at first time swimmers over the age of 20 with no previous swimming experience and who are interested in learning how to swim. This program is also aimed for those who have swam before but are not yet confident to swim unassisted in the water. Please refer to the schedule for timings.

Adult Swim For Fitness

This program is for swimmers with basic skills who wish to improve their stroke technique and stamina under the supervision of an experienced coach. Each session is one hour long and it is offered twice a week. Please refer to the schedule for timings.


For adults who have a more extensive knowledge of swimming and wish to continue improving their skills. The more serious swimmers within this program will also have the opportunity to compete on regional and international events. The program is offered on either morning or evening sessions. Please refer to the schedule for timings.

Ladies Only

Our Ladies Only program offers Adult Swim for Fitness. And requires basic swimming skills. The swim program is taught by female coaches. Please refer to the schedule for timings.