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H20 Initiatives

H20 Initiatives


Help 2 Others is an initiative by H2O Swim Club with the primary objective of providing assistance to those in need through sustainable programs that help improve living conditions and strengthen community values so that individuals can maximize their potential in life.


Our objective is to develop sustainable and scalable initiatives that raise awareness of critical issues and provide support to specific causes through effective support strategies. We intend to achieve our objectives with the collective involvement of members of the local community, our strategic partners, club members, and likeminded organizations.

Our assistance programs are developed by:

  1. Identifying opportunities in which we can make a difference
  2. Meeting with community leaders and Local NGO’s where possible
  3. Developing applicable, sustainable and scalable assistance programs
  4. Implementing community improvement programs
  5. Providing sustainable self help programs
  6. Finding sponsors and strategic partners to support our programs
  7. Providing follow up to assess long term impact


Help 2 Others is currently involved in projects in Mexico, Swaziland and The Philippines providing assistance with the following: