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The Water Club @H20 Swim Club

The Water Club offers swimming programs for beginner or intermediate young swimmers from 6 months to 18 years of age.

Parent & Tot

The Parent & Tot program is designed for mothers or fathers who want to start a light introductory swimming activity with their children. This is also a great bonding activity between parent and child and an opportunity for your child to learn some basic skills. The program is for ages 8 months to 3 1/2 year old toddlers and it is offered once a week.

Learn To Swim

The Learn to Swim program is structured into 6 different levels to gradually improve swimmers skills and technique. Each level focuses on specific aspects to improve overall technique and ability. Each swimmer will be assessed throughout the term and will be graduated from level to level until they can move into the Developmental Swimming program.


The Developmental program focuses on the technical development of the different swim strokes and on building up the required stamina and endurance to prepare young swimmers for the competitive programs. Each swimmer will be assessed throughout the term and will be evaluated on their development until they can move into the H2O Swim Academy. This program is offered 2 days a week.

Technique Improvement

Our Technique Improvement program is designed for young children who already know how to swim and would like to improve their stroke technique. The course is offered twice a week and provides children an opportunity to improve their swimming skills in a casual environment. Children who enjoy this program and want to increase their swimming time can also move into our H2O Swim Academy programs if and when ready.